Assessments of fitness for work can be important for both employees, and employers.
The primary purpose of a Work Health Assessment is to make sure that an individual is fit to perform the tasks involved effectively and without risk to their own or others’ health and safety.

Health and hygiene for food handlers

 Food handlers have specific legal responsibilities and requirement related to their health and hygiene. These requirements relate to health and hygiene and have been included to ensure that food handlers take steps to avoid contaminating food. A food handler is anyone who handles food or items that may come into contact with food, such as eating and drinking utensils.


Medical fitness for offshore workers

The offshore oil and gas platforms are usually remote and hostile environment where attention to safety and the need for emergency response to acute medical events are vital.
People working in offshore platforms are susceptible to numerous dangers and risks, when those risks materialize, the safety and health of people operating these maritime platform must take top priority.


Fitness To Dive

Commercial diving is carried out in all oil and offshore locations , commercial diving is a very demanding career. It requires a high degree of physical and psychological fitness that means you will need to be very fit initially and will need to keep yourself in top condition


Fitness To Drive








Impairments caused by health problems can affect the driving ability. The task of driving can be thought of as a continuous loop,
where information about the road, other drivers and the vehicle is processed by the brain, and this leads to the driver taking action to adjust the speed and direction of the vehicle and to direct their gaze to likely danger areas .

The results of these actions then feed back into a further round of adjustments. A long list of medical problems can interfere the driving performance, but a limited number of cases usually encountered in practice, mainly epilepsy Diabetes, heart diseases and vision problems.