Fitness To Dive

Commercial diving is carried out in all oil and offshore locations ,commercial diving is a very demanding career. It requires a high degree of physical and psychological fitness that means you will need to be very fit initially and will need to keep yourself in top condition and to gain a diving certificate you need to pass a thorough medical examination by an Approved Medical Examiner of Divers,

The purpose of this article is to provide a common basis for the medical requirement for medical assessment to assure safe diving.

The following medical conditions are likely to prevent you from diving :(from

• Disease of the heart and circulation, including high blood pressure, angina,
• Collapsed lung/pneumothorax
• Asthma
• Ear, nose, throat or sinus problems
• Persistent stomach or intestinal problems
• Mental illness
• Epilepsy
• Claustrophobia or severe motion sickness
• Severe migraines
• Disease of the brain or nervous system
• Blackouts or recurring fainting
• Injury or surgery to the head or spine
• Blood disorders
• Diabetes
• Pregnancy

Physical examination:
Before beginning training and or assessment you must pass an initial medical examination carried out by an AMED doctor to ensure you are medically fit to dive.


• Pre employment
• 3 yearly up to 40 years age
• 2 yearly after 40 years age
• after major injury or illness, or any condition requiring hospitalization for > 24 hours, that requires clearance to return to diving from a physician, and if it is pressure related, this clearance must come from a registered diving physician

Requirements for medical examination:

• medical history
• chest X- ray
• Spirometry
• Audiogram
• Visual acuity
• Biochemistry
• Urinalysis

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