GCC OH Standards Self-assessment Survey - Short Edition

Estimate the GCC OH score of your health care facility

Find out how your hospital handle the occupational health standards. Take the GCC OH Survey!

For each one of the 11 standards, choose whether it is fully implemented, partially implemented, or did not implement in your health care facility.


Responsible person or unit on OH issues is located and integrated in the organizational structure of

the hospital or healthcare facility with clear role and responsibilities, as well as the mission, vision

and values.


Policy and procedures detailing occupational health services provided to all hospital staff


An employee health program has a designated person/ persons to manage the program.


Policy and procedure as well as risk assessment forms are present to identify and deal with

occupational hazards.


Policy and procedure define the extent and frequency of the employee health and physical

assessment, testing, actions to be taken including the reporting of occupational hazards for staff.


Information, Education, training, and awareness aspects of OH issues, OH6.A1: Training needs are assessed.


Policy and procedures defining preventive and control options towards hazards prioritized according

to hierarchy of control are developed.


Policy and procedures defining treatment, rehabilitation and compensation are developed.


Incident reporting, recording, analysis/ investigation, statistics are in place and functional with

suitable action taken.


Availability of documentation and record keeping mechanism on OH issues,respecting confidentiality

and blamefree removing barriers for reporting.


Periodic review of the entire system including planning, organization, control and monitoring to

guarantee continued effectiveness of the system.

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