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Impairments caused by health problems can affect the driving ability. The task of driving can be thought of as a continuous loop, where information about the road, other drivers and the vehicle is processed by the brain, and this leads to the driver taking action to adjust the speed and direction of the vehicle and to direct their gaze to likely danger areas . The results of these actions then feed back into a further round of adjustments. A long list of medical problems can interfere the driving performance, but a limited number of cases usually encountered in practice, mainly epilepsy Diabetes, heart diseases and vision problems. The decision on fitness to drive is usually based on information obtained from the driver and on a medical report from the driver's doctor. However, as part of the decision-making process, the Medical Branch of the Licensing Agency may request a practical assessment of driving ability. Some people, following an injury or illness, want advice on their ability to drive before informing the Licensing Agency of their medical condition.

Tim Carter


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