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Rehabilitation after Injuries PDF Print E-mail
Posted by Dr. Ahmad Latif in Travellers on December 14, 2015

After a serious injury, illness or surgery, you may recover slowly. You may need to regain your strength, relearn skills or find new ways of doing things you did before. This process is rehabilitation.

Travel & Pregnancy PDF Print E-mail

Pregnancy was once seen as something that sent women to their homes once their bellies began to protrude, hence the term confinement. It was not considered appropriate for a pregnant women to be seen in public. 

Nowadays pregnancy rarely changes our schedules, with the exception of complications. Women continue their normal lives usually for the duration of the pregnancy, with minor exceptions (Like knowing where all the bathrooms are!). Travel is no exception. 

Last Updated on Saturday, 15 December 2012 01:06
Coping with Jet Lag PDF Print E-mail

Our biological clock is usually synchronised with local time

so that we feel hungry in the morning and sleepy in the evening.

Jet lag is a common condition that sometimes occurs after long distance flights. It is the result of your body finding it difficult to adjust to a new time zone.

Last Updated on Saturday, 15 December 2012 01:03
Yellow Fever & Travel PDF Print E-mail

Yellow fever is a viral disease transmitted by mosquitoes in parts of Africa and South America. Vaccination is safe and effective and is a legal requirement for people travelling through infected areas. Avoiding mosquito bites is also recommended to reduce the risk of catching yellow fever or other mosquito-borne diseases.

Last Updated on Saturday, 15 December 2012 01:36
Advice for Travellers PDF Print E-mail

Whether you're headed home for the holidays, taking off on a long-planned vacation, or traveling for business, being on the road, travel can expose you to many hazards.Travel health experts advise preparing for a trip four to six weeks before you travel, especially if you need vaccinations.

Last Updated on Saturday, 03 March 2012 15:51