Benefits of pre-employment medical for potential employees from developing countries in oil and gas industry

Dr Ahmad Latif


(3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Occupational Health & Safety June 24-25, 2014 Valencia, Spain)

Dr Latif

This paper highlights the advantages of pre-employment medical examination. Recently value of pre employment medical examination has been questioned in developed countries since there is lack of trials and evidence related to health outcomes from it. The aim is to determine the rate of newly diagnosed chronic diseases among oil and gas potential employees and to compare the rates between employees from developing countries and developed nations (GCC countries, Western countries). Using cross sectional method, this study utilized pre-employment medical examination data available in OH clinic.

During 3 months period 679 candidates underwent pre-employment medical, 499 belonging to developing countries and 280 from other developed countries. Health data and laboratory results scrutinized to identify the newly diagnosed cases of Diabetes Mellitus (DM) and Hypertension (HTN) for both groups. In the study group ( developed countries): 37 cases of DM, 29 is newly diagnosed (7.25%) and 31 cases HTN, 27 newly diagnosed (6.75%), in compare with control group 24 case of DM , 7 is newly diagnosed (2.5%) and 19 HTN cases 4 newly diagnosed (1.4%). The odds ratio of newly discovered DM in the two groups during the pre employment medical is OR 3.057 95% CI (1.319 to 7.081). Odds ratio of newly discovered HTN in the two groups during the pre-employment medical is OR: 5.01, 95% CI (1.732 to 14.478).

Although the value of pre-employment medical has been questioned in developed countries, we noticed a positive health outcome to the group from developing countries.