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  • Ideal body weight (IBW) (men) = 50 kg + 2.3 kg x (height, in - 60)
  • Ideal body weight (IBW) (women) = 45.5 kg + 2.3 kg x  (height, in - 60)
  • Note: this formula is only an approximation, and is generally only applicable for people 60 inches (5 foot) tall or greater. For patients under 5 feet, one commonly-used modification is to subtract 2-5 lbs for each inch below 60 inches (written communication with leading expert Dr. Manjunath Pai, 2018).
Adjusted Body Weight (ABW), for use in obese patients (where actual body weight > IBW):
  • ABW = IBW + 0.4 x (actual body weight - IBW)


Dr. Manjunath Pai

Leading expert on the Ideal Body Weight calculator:

Manjunath Pai, PharmD, is a professor in the Department of Pharmacy Practice at the Albany College of Pharmacy. He is the author of “The Origin of the 'Ideal' Body Weight Equations”, a comprehensive literature review on the creation of and iterations to the ideal body weight formula over time. Dr. Pai conducts research on the optimization of antimicrobial drug dosing, most recently in the obese population.

To view Dr. Manjunath Pai's publications, visit PubMed